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About Us



Team Shockwave has been actively working on the development of consumer-grade technology for enhancing Virtual Reality experiences. We have witnessed the true potential of aspects like full-body tracking, haptics, and locomotion in VR and we believe that any VR experience is incomplete till these aspects are included.

Our team is dedicated to bringing these solutions to the global VR community at an affordable price. As a result of this endeavor, we have developed our commercial-grade product - Shockwave Full-Body tracking and haptic suit. After almost 3 years of research, multiple iterations and a very successful Kickstarter campaign the Shockwave Full-body tracking a haptic suit is finally available to the people for purchase in our pre-orders.

The Shockwave suit is just the beginning of Shockwave VR. We have multiple products which are planned in the VR series under work. Our primary focus for all our products in development stays the same- to provide our users an unforgettable VR experience every time, and at a reasonable price.

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